George Soros’ Career Success And His Involvement In Philanthropy

In September 2016, George Soros announced that his foundation was going to invest up to $500 million in firms that have been founded by migrants and refugees. For years, Soros has given gifts to several organizations that are in support of immigrants and in March 2016, he gave $3 million to PAC that wanted to mobilize the Hispanic Voters on For Soros, the refugees’ plight is personal given that he was born in the Nazi-occupied Hungary.

Soros has been considered as a politically powerful individual. He has used his influence to help in reconfiguring political landscapes of various countries throughout the world. He has been involved in ensuring a peaceful transition from dictatorial regimes to democracy. Most of George Soros influence is derived from his personal fortune that amounts to $13 billion and further leveraged by the over $30 billion investor assets managed by his firm. Soros also derives his power from his passionate messianic zeal. He sees himself as a missionary with a divine directive to change the world and its establishments into something better.

Growing up
Soros was born in Hungary back in 1930. When Budapest was occupied by the Nazi in 1944, his father split up his family to minimize the risks of the family dying altogether. In 1947, his family relocated to England and George Soros attended London School of Economics. During his college years, Soros worked as a waiter and a railway porter before his venturing into the finance world upon graduating. Later on, Soros moved to New York and established a hedge fund after working on the Wall Street. Several years later, Soros is still an investing heavyweight on Politico. His family office, the Soros Fund Management, is reported to have over $30 billion in assets that are under management.

Involvement in Philanthropy
In 1979, Soros started his philanthropic work on He launched his first Open Society Foundations in Hungary, which was aimed at building vibrant and tolerant democracies with governments that are accountable to the citizens. When Soros launched the Moscow office, he started disseminating large sums of money to different groups and causes. He claimed that within a span of five years, his spending increased from $3 million a year to over $300 million a year. During this period, he founded several foundations across Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Currently, the Open Society Foundations actively operate in over 70 countries throughout the world.

Through his foundations, George Soros has been considered as one of the leading philanthropist tin the world, having donated a cumulative amount surpassing $12 billion to date. Through his funding, he has been able to support organizations and individuals throughout the world who fight for transparency, government accountability on Forbes, freedom of expression, and societies promoting social justice and equality.

Sleep Apnea – An Inherited Condition Triggered by Lifestyle Factors

Avi Weisfogel has worked as a dentist for over two decades. His experience in dentistry and sleep apnea treatment has the same experience. For more than one decade, he has been involved in the dental practice as a high-end practitioner. As a matter of fact, no one has the better business capability in this field than Avi Weisfogel. When he was joining the New York University Dentistry College, his main passion was to become the best dentist in the world. For this reason, he worked extra hard to realize his dreams in this field. When he graduated, he founded his business in New Jersey. For this reason, business went on as usual. He was confronted with the first case of sleep apnea during the first week of his practice. Because he had limited knowledge concerning this ailment, he decided to develop further study into this field. For this reason, business was going on as usual.

Avi Weisfogel also founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company to enhance his study and research into the various treatment therapies associated with sleep apnea. The company was one of the best marketing instruments of Avi Weisfogel. I led to his recognition by the American Medical Association. His recognition has brought him a lot of success. When doctors and other medical practitioners heard about him, they decided to join the Dental Sleep Masters training program that allows them to acquire knowledge about the applications of various sleep apnea therapies while the cure of sleep apnea is not yet established, treatments will remain a better option in this field. For his reason, better business is a primary concern in this arena.

Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his life to the establishment of sleep apnea therapies. During his later times in practice, he decided to dedicate his life to the development of sleep apnea cure. For this reason, his recognition in the industry is adopted on a massive scale. Sleep apnea is a medical condition that rendered the upper breathing nozzles closed. For this reason, breathing also becomes harder for the patients. In the recent study, sleep apnea causes more than 2,000 deaths each year.

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Wessex Institute of Technology Offers Unique Career Opportunitiies.

Located in the charming New Forest National Park in Ashurst Lodge, Southampton, Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is home to some of the brightest and dedicated minds in the fields of Computational Mechanics, Environmental Modelling and Fluid Mechanics, Industrial Research, and Information Communications Technology. The primary aim of WIT is to bridge the exchange of information and ideas between science/ technology and academic research fields through a series of knowledge exchange mechanisms. The institution has long held that this exchange is vital for growth not only of the students and the professionals involved but also for the society at large.  Visit also


With the age of sophisticated computer technology and incredible research breakthroughs in all fields of knowledge firmly underway, there is quite a lot of competition and interest in securing a career in all technical and scientific industries. Wessex Instutute of Technology equips its students with the fruits of academic excellence and many of its post graduates have gone on to become some of the foremost experts in their professions. Moreover, WIT offers other ways that interested students or graduates can find the career that they are looking for. One of these opportunities can be found at any of the numerous conferences where experts from all over the world can network with aspiring students and researchers to share ideas and possibly gain a valuable resource for the future. In addition, Wessex  regularly posts current positions at the institution on its job board as well as positions in related fields with some of the premier companies around the world.

The Unique And Innovative EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balm hit the market a little over 7 years ago and have only grown in popularity ever since. EOS which stands for the company’s full name Evolution Of Smooth offers a large range of colorful and flavorful lip balms. Although lip balms have been around for hundreds of years the EOS lip balms are a unique and innovative lip care product.

The EOS co-founder and managing partner Sanjiv Mehra was looking for a way to get into the beauty industry. In collaboration with his two partners they stumbled upon the idea of changing the lip balm industry. Up until the release of EOS most lip balm companies offered the same products in the same type of packaging and flavors. There was not much diversity. Mehra and his partners set out to create a product that was both distinguishable as well as high-quality. They decided on an egg shape product that would offer very colorful packaging and tasty delicious flavors. Fast Company‘s article, The Untold Story of How Lip Blam Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, gives every detail of the company’s journey to success.

When it first hit the market EOS lip balms were extremely popular for a variety of reasons. Not only was it their bright fun packaging and flavors but it was also the high-quality smooth ingredients that each lip balm offered. Celebrities and famous people all over the world were seen using EOS lip balms and suddenly it was the top lip care brand on the market. Today over seven years later it is still one of the top lip balm products on the market offering more flavors and styles than ever before.

EOS lip balms come in a large array of flavors including mint, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry, vanilla and a variety of other fun and flavorful scents. EOS lip balm products are widely available online on, and are also available in many different retail locations including most drug stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

How Goettl Air Conditioning Markets its Services on Social Media.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a firm the is presently owned by the Phoenix Peach, LLC. Kenneth Goodrich is the major shareholder of the two enterprises. Goettl is one of the oldest brands in the installation and repair of equipment that are used in heat and air conditioning. The pioneers of the firm were Adam and Gust Goettl. The duo started it in 1939, and they mainly operated in Utah. The enterprise has experienced several ownership, technological, and business changes during the seven decades that it has been functional. Goettl has offices in Utah, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. The management of the enterprise is highly experienced, and it has hired experts who have ample knowledge on the installation and fixing of HVAC devices in residential and business buildings.

The company believes in the high-quality solutions that it offers to make homes and commercial buildings comfortable. The services that it offers are primarily related to air conditioning, energy efficiency, commercial HVAC, heating, and indoor air quality. Goettl’s professionals are knowledgeable in the fitting and repair of UV germicidal lights, central air units, radiant heating systems, ductless mini splits, furnaces, humidifiers, and other machines. The company’s solutions are highly reliable since its customer service operates 24/7 and the experts are available whenever they are needed.

Goettl is always dedicated to staying in touch with its clients and also advertising its services to reach new customers. It is, therefore, present on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The company utilizes these accounts in informing the public on the type of services that it offers. Being in touch with people enables them to easily remember firm when they need any service that it gives. Goettl’s LinkedIn page provides information that is useful to the public. It includes the company solutions, contacts of its offices, and their locations.


Nourish Your Hair With The Benefits Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz provide the unique essentials of eleven amino acids along with vitamin C and E. They nourish your hair deep within the hair follicles to ensure the proper growth and vitality of each strand of your hair. More importantly, they are committed to all natural results. Give your hair the treatment that it deserves by nourishing your hair with a leading brand that offers real ingredients that have been known to treat the hair for centuries. Thousands of women have proclaimed that Wen by Chaz is a genie in a bottle. Become a valuable customer by using their products today.

Why Switch To Wen By Chaz?

You have the option of saturating your hair with easy to wash out ingredients that provide all natural results. Often times, you want to pamper your hair with the best and Wen by Chaz provides a unique aromatherapy fragrance that will heighten your senses. Relax after a long day by simply washing your hair. They promise to give your hair glow and resilience when and where you need it. Their most popular fragrance has been their Italian Mandarin Fig and the summer peach collection. Give your hair over the top hair care therapy for less.

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Wen By Chaz Products

– Styling mousse
– 5 day hair care system
– All-in-one treatments
– Styling products
– Cleansing conditioner
and more…

Their cleansing conditioner has been known to remove excess dirt and oil from building up in the follicles of your hair. They maintain that removing chemicals from your follicles will allow your hair to breathe and grow freely. Give your hair amazing bounce and shine with each application. You can also purchase Wen by Chaz from select retailers by visiting the beauty care aisle. You’re invited to build your confidence with your hair through the proven results of Wen by Chaz.

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Magnises Provides Unique Credit Card Option

The credit card industry is one of the largest financial industries in the world. In order to attract new customers, many credit card providers have historically attracted new clients by providing very attractive cash back and travel rewards. The credit card providers have also targeted older professionals that have the income levels necessary to spend a lot of money and repay the balance.


While the credit card company has been a large and successful industry for decades, a new credit card provider has entered the marketplace by targeting an entirely different group of people while providing a different type of benefit. The new credit card program, Magnises, works by providing consumers with access to a number of different social and professional benefits. It also targets consumers that are under 30 years of age and live in specific cities, including New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco.


Those that are members of the credit card program will be able to access a number of different networking and social outings on an annual basis. These events can include going to parties hosted by Magnises, professional networking and development events, an a number of other sponsored events designed to help members meet each other. Members can also use the company’s concierge service, which will allow for members to gain access to the top sporting events, live performances, and restaurants in the cities in which it operates. Hop over to this page.


While a college student started Magnises just a few years ago, it has continued to grow rapidly in size. Today the credit card program has over 10,000 members even though the marketing and operations are limited to just a few cities. The company is looking to expand into other markets all over the country, including other cities on the East and West coast of the United States. Continue reading related articles at:

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Clay Siegall Won’t Rest Till Cancer Gets A Cure

Clay Siegall is a household name especially for those of us interested in medical journals and especially cancer treatment. Dr Siegall’s passion and pursuit for the treatment of cancer drove him to establish Seattle Genetics in 1998 together with others who share his dream. So far, he has led the company into partnering and working alongside Astellas, Bayers, Pfizer and AbbVie to help treat tumors and other cancer related illnesses.

Dr Siegall has conducted hundreds of clinical experiments and uses innovation to drive his company. So far the company has been able to introduce various treatments that help with cancer healing. The company concentrates on therapies that are based on antibodies, which are purposed to kill cancer cells. Together with his pool of professional scientists and doctors, Dr Siegall has introduced ADRECITRIS, a drug that has been approved by FDA and has received acclamation in the treatment of cancer.

Dr Siegall has an extensive knowledge and experience in medicine and especially in genetics. He has a degree in zoology from University of Maryland and a Ph. D in genetics from George Washington University. With his Ph. D he was able to secure him various positions in different companies. He was a fellow at The National Cancer Institute and also worked at Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior research investigator. Working at these institutions, he gathered extensive knowledge and skills to conduct research and clinical experiments that helped him start Seattle Genetics.

Dr Siegall is not only an expert in research and oncology but is also an incredible businessman. As the president and the chief executive officer he plays a vital role in the business aspect of the company. He in charge of all that goes on in the company and makes sure that the company stays afloat. He is also responsible for developing strategies that are useful for the company to push forward. Through his leadership, he has been able to obtain 1.2 billion and more as funds for the company.

Dr Siegall is a determined and compassionate man. He is dedicated to his career and looks forward for the day cancer gets a cure.

Achieve more Finacial freedom while baking with us

Nexbank, a private bank, was founded in 1922.Its current CEO and the president is John has been offering banking services. Its current headquarter is in United States .It houses many employees in an urge to provide world-class services. The bank in the recent saw a 48 % growth rate.


The institutional offers the services in three ways through the mortgage, commercial and investment banking. Others services provided by the bank are the real estate advisory. The bank is built around experienced members that have thorough knowledge and experience in the sector. It gives the bank an upper hand in offering the services.


Of recent, the bank has seen massive growth.It is in line with their determination to provide quality services to their clients. It saw the bank rank amongst the top banks offering the highest assist to the entrepreneurs in Texas.


The Nexbank provide customer-oriented services that are of value to the clients. Moreover, by the bank being in existence for long it has seen it built an image in the industry. They have also recruited skilled personnel who are willing to see the organization’s ambitions achieved. They plan to develop their business to cover all areas within the United States

The Benefits of Securus technologies in Improving Security

Securus technologies, a leading security consulting firm, has received several plaudits for its achievements. Some of the most notable awards include the BBB and the Stevie Awards. The BBB recognized Securus for its integrity, honesty, and full disclosure in its policies. Stevie recognized the contribution of Securus Technologies in improving the security in terms of monitoring the prisoners and unearthing critical information from the prisoner’s phone calls. The following are some of the reasons why Securus Technologies was feted:


  • Call center

The development of a world-class call center that has over 1200 employees. This call center responds to all sorts of emergencies in the shortest time possible. These employees receive the requisite training to deal with a broad range of the customers’ requirements.


  • Witness protection

Witness protection initiatives have also raised the bar in the administration of justice. Whether suspects are incarcerated in a prison of through house arrest, they are prohibited from contacting the witnesses. Securus technologies can monitor every prisoner and get more information from the Emails or phone calls. As such, Securus technologies can make it easier for the law enforcement agencies to prosecute the criminals, reduce the crimes, and administer justice.


  • Video visitation

Today, most jails are looking to eliminate the customary visitations and enforce the communication via the screen through Skype and other platforms. Securus technologies has already set up these systems in several jails in the united states. Considering that most jails are struggling with the quality of video and voice, the state-of-the-art IT systems at Securus Technologies give this company a competitive edge.


  • Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to ensure that the entire family can communicate with their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their homes. This technology has also helped to improve the security. Since these tapes can be stored in the archives for retrieval later, the law enforcement agency can use them to get pertinent clues to support the investigations.