Getting up close and personal with beauty Vlogger, Wengie

Wengie, born on January 9th, 1986 in Guangzhou China is a hair and beauty vlogger who has been around for a while. She started out with a blog on the same topics, but with the rising popularity of YouTube Vlogs, she followed suit and started posting video content. One of the greatest things that you will notice about Wengie the moment that you start interacting with her or the content that she posts online is the utter creativity and the carefree spirit that she applies when she is dealing with the different topics.

Wengie is a strong believer in the fact that life needs to be lived to the fullest. To make this happen, she invests a lot of time and other resources on personal research about different hair and beauty products and tips which ultimately help her followers to improve themselves. Her Vlogs on YouTube have been gaining a lot of popularity of late. She however confesses that things weren’t always as rosy, she says that there was a time that she lived on instant noodles for months, wore $2 dresses and gone through the tightest of financial situations.

One thing that she is grateful about is the fact that she found out what her passion was early enough and did not have to spend endless amounts of time chasing after jobs that she had no passion for. Currently, she owns a Vlog that attracts close to 190,000 viewers every month and is earning quite well from it. Besides Vlogging, she is also very passionate about thrift shopping and looking for interesting designs, trendy hairstyles and other related catches in the world of fashion. She states that her biggest dream would be to stay young forever and that her hope is that she will gather an even larger following to get more people to share her experiences with.


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