Lacey and Larkin Chair Human Rights through Frontera Fund

The human rights are based on a belief that everyone, despite their sexual orientation, tribe, race, cultural understanding is by virtue of humanity entitled to particular fairness in the society. The roots of human rights lie solely in the earlier tradition as well as documentation of various cultures. The journey of human rights roots from the World War II where there was the need to implement the system of justice in societies.

Consequently, there has been much history propelled towards acquiring rights as well as responsibilities through group membership. The intensity of wanting to gain these rights extended beyond families, nations, religions as well as communities or even a state.

For most societies, human rights have been the primary objective of living. Most societies have had systems implemented towards acquiring human rights, justice, and welfare.


The human rights idea rooted from the Nazi Regime where over 6 million Jews, Sinti as well as Romani lost their lives for being themselves. The extermination of homosexuals, as well as people with disabilities, marked the birth of a new regime where there was the need to fight for the rights of the less fortunate in the society.

There were trials to find justice for the affected. Most officials were punished for facilitating war crimes. From the punishment of the offenders, most governments dedicated themselves to being part of the United Nations. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The primary objective of this participation was to foster peace by preventing conflicts. The legal systems ensured that people would not lose lives over being denied the chance to be themselves. From shelter, clothing, freedom of speech and culture, the United Nations marked the birth of many foundations that encouraged peace. One of these foundations is the Human Rights Foundation that was established by Mr. Thor Halvorssen.


Human Rights Foundation focuses on humanity and the rights of the less fortunate in the society. The organization has been on the front lead of protecting human rights globally. Human Rights Foundation promotes liberal democracy.

The mission of the organization is ensuring that freedom is relatively preserved as well as enhanced in the open societies. The website of the foundation states that the team adheres to the roots and origin of human rights according to the law.

The team believes that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, worship, and social life. Human Rights Foundation states that people are allowed to donate towards the great cause of enhancing peace and liberty in the society.

Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey, assisted by Jim Larkin are business partners. The duo co-founded Phoenix New Times as well as Village Voice Media. In a court case that saw them earning compensation because Sherriff Arpaio illegally arrested them, Lacey and Larkin have set the fund aside for human rights organizations in Arizona.

The $ 3.75 million settlement originated from their arrest in 2007 after it was established that they leaked court case proceedings. Lacey and Larkin have spent their careers defending their rights throughout 2007. Towards that, they have decided to channel the compensation funds to human rights foundations.

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