New Jersey’s Boraie Development Giving Back to The Community

According to The New Jersey Stage’s recent article, New Jersey’s Boraie Development in conjunction with The Provident Bank Foundation shall sponsor this year’s Free Summer Movies Series at the State Theatre in New Jersey. The movies that shall be included in this package for the viewers shall be Frozen showing on the 12th of July. Later will be E.T The Extra Terrestrial showing on the 19th of July. And then Despicable Me 2 showing on the 26th of July. Also, Babe will show on the 2nd of August. Still, Monsters University will be showing on the 9th of August, and finally, Aladdin which shall be aired on the 16th of August. Each one of these movies is scheduled to start showing at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm. All the tickets for the said movies shall be free of charge.

Availing free tickets to the public allows the youth a rare opportunity to experience their favorite movies alongside their summer camps, friends, loved ones, families as well as other groups in the deluxe State Theatre atmosphere. The 1921 movie palace has gained great precedence as being among New Jersey’s most distinguished locations for live performances. The Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie, stated that they took great pride for being able to be part of the project that provided the local community as well as the youth, an opportunity to sit in the great venue and watch their favorite movies for free. The Executive Director of The Provident Bank, Jane Kurek, who sponsors the Community Access Initiative, said that they were thrilled to provide this chance to all families, regardless of their background, to experience being in the State Theatre free of charge.

The State Theatre’s Vice President of Development and Strategic Partnerships, Anna Marie Gewirtz, added that they were overjoyed to be able to bring back the Summer Movies Series which has an even bigger list of movies this year. She shared that in a show of how committed they are to the venture, they dedicated to providing programming that is totally family friendly. Their Community Access Initiative has also welcomed the community to come and experience various events at no charge at the Theatre. They anticipate reaching out to their largest number of families thus far with an estimate of about 7,500 individuals thanks to Omar Boraie. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

The clients that shall attend the event are sure to have an enjoyable and unmatched experience with a modernized HD digital cinema system which has a Digital Surround Sound, 46-inch Stewart film screen, and Barco Projector.


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