The Life and Achievements of Rick Smith

Rick Smith is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who is responsible for the creation of the SECURUS Technology company. He is currently the CEO of the company, in which he was appointed in July of 2008. A lot of people believe that he is the best person for the position of CEO because of his continuous efforts, drive, experience, and focus. Through his efforts, the company has grown to where it is now. Follow Rick at

Rick Smith has an extensive background in business, which makes his skillset exceptional. He has knowledge in areas of business like information technology, finance, business development, telecommunications, marketing, operations and a lot more. People look up to him not only because of his impressive track record but because of the passion he has for his work.

In his early years, Rick Smith took up his education at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned his associate’s degree. after his partner’s degree, he took up a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at the University of New York, located in Buffalo. But he was not satisfied with the level of education that he has received, so he went to the Rochester University to earn an MBA degree from the Simon School.

Shortly after completing his studies, Rick Smith first started his career with Crossing Global of North America Inc. While he was working with the company, he was assigned the Chief Information Officer and the Controller. Aside from that, he was also the President for Frontier Information Technologies, the Director of Business Development, The Plant Network Operations Director, The Vice President for Midwest Telephone Operations, and finally the Vice President for the Financial Management.

After holding all of those positions for the different companies he worked for, he then decided to take up a job offer at the Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from 1998 to the year 2000. A few years after, he was promoted to the CEO starting from the year 2000 to 2003. Under his management, he was able to increase revenue for the company from $30 Million to a massive $350 million. He stayed with the company until the year 2007, until finally; Securus Technologies hired him as their CEO and president in June of 2008.

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Throughout his career, Rick Smith has managed to contribute a lot towards the growth of the company. At present, one of the company’s biggest competitors is the Global Tel Link Company, but Rick Smith Securus has overall a larger range of services and products to offer customers. Aside from that, the company also has its own call center which performs 600% better as compared to their current competitor. The company has also managed to come up with its own VOIP service, which is currently the largest calling platform.

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