José Borghi is a Creative Advertising Executive

One of the biggest decisions that many companies will make related to business operations is how to spend company advertising dollars. The concept of advertising is basic to business. From all areas of companies, many people understand that companies must have a presence in the public to be recognized. One of the proven ways to get visibility in the public is by advertising.

With the technology that has become an integral part of the business world, the way that advertising is handled by many companies has changed. Today, millions of people go to the Internet to do a wide variety of things on a daily basis. As a result, the Internet has become a place where many companies look to advertise to capture the attention of the millions of people online.

Even though the mediums that companies use for advertising have changed, the way that many companies handle advertising remains the same. Many companies still use advertising agencies to manage the various aspects of company advertising. There are some advertising agencies that are respected in all areas of the advertising world. One of the top advertising agencies is Mullen Lowe Brasil.

Located in Brazil, Mullen Lowe has been recognized in the advertising industry for its originality and marketing success. Mullen Lowe Brasil has many top brands on its client list. The agency is a proven product in the advertising world. The man who stands behind the success of Mullen Lowe Brasil is key executive José Henrique Borghi.

An outstanding advertising executive who has helped to make Mullen Lowe Brasil a top brand in the advertising industry, José Henrique Borghi has a perspective of advertising that is somewhat different than most advertising executives and advertising professionals in the industry.

José Henrique Borghi encourages his people to be creative in uncomfortable situations. He pushes his people outside their comfort zone. In an industry such as advertising, creativity is very important and José Henrique Borghi realizes that creativity is often found in places that force people to think outside the box. See also.