A preview of Equities First Holdings

The Equities First Holding, an alternative shareholder financing provider, has shifted the Melbourne business office to the heart of Melbourne. This is a strategy aimed at making the enterprise accessible to more clients and its business partners. In a statement issued by the managing director, relocating the Melbourne office resulted from the prevalent growth of their Australian business. Further, the move will enable the firm acquire a larger space to host their clients and customers with ample space for expansion. Notably, Equities First Holding still holds on its other company locations in Australia namely Perth and Sydney. The new regional office address will be: 287 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Contact line: +613 8688 7191.Besides the Australia offices, the company still maintains offices in the Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Thailand, and with the headquarters offices at Indianapolis, USA.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding services are anchored on providing securities based lending services to investors. The firm provides loans based on a keen scrutiny of the risk and future performance in reference to bonds, stocks, and treasuries. The loans can be used for business expansion, long term investments or any other commercial purpose. Notably, the stock-based loans are non- recourse and may be used as per an individual’s interests.The company has made over 700 transactions, cumulatively adding up to over $1.4 billion since 2002 when it was founded. The company has primarily majored on providing customers with alternative financial solutions; availing capital against public traded stock with an aim of meeting client’s demands.

Who would benefit most from working with Equities First Holdings?

Investors under harsh economic environments are poised to benefit more from Equities First Holdings. The company offers stock-based loans to anyone in need, in a bid to offer a hedge against their puzzling troubles and a solution via the loans. During harsh economic situations, market fluctuations are inevitable. However, this can be mitigated by the pressing needs associated with stock-based loans.

Achieve more Finacial freedom while baking with us

Nexbank, a private bank, was founded in 1922.Its current CEO and the president is John Holt.it has been offering banking services. Its current headquarter is in United States .It houses many employees in an urge to provide world-class services. The bank in the recent saw a 48 % growth rate.


The institutional offers the services in three ways through the mortgage, commercial and investment banking. Others services provided by the bank are the real estate advisory. The bank is built around experienced members that have thorough knowledge and experience in the sector. It gives the bank an upper hand in offering the services.


Of recent, the bank has seen massive growth.It is in line with their determination to provide quality services to their clients. It saw the bank rank amongst the top banks offering the highest assist to the entrepreneurs in Texas.


The Nexbank provide customer-oriented services that are of value to the clients. Moreover, by the bank being in existence for long it has seen it built an image in the industry. They have also recruited skilled personnel who are willing to see the organization’s ambitions achieved. They plan to develop their business to cover all areas within the United States