What do you bet? Week 17

Based upon the opening numbers, there are three intense games this weekend that season win total bettors should be sure to keep an eye out for, the Buffalo Bills when they travel to take on their rivals the New York Jets, the New Orleans Saints face the NFC South champions, The Falcons. The final game that will impact the season win total wagers is the Pittsburgh Steelers when they take on the Cleveland Browns in their hometown.

For Pittsburgh players, this is no time to rest with the chance into the fantasy spotlight.

What are the odds that on new year’s day in NFL football, Cincinnati Bengals are up against the Baltimore Ravens, challenge the NFL odds by placing your bets at cover.com.Since it’s week 17 the steaks are high and there a plenty of factors going towards the under count: such as the lack of effort, bad/cold weather and playing backups on offense.

Teddy “Covers” Sevransky who is a professional better, gave out some tips on how to bet properly, for example, don’t go betting on your gut, expecting a positive outcome. Always be informed when placing bets. Another one remembers to shop your lines. If you’re looking to spice things up to try a different type of betting called spread betting, that you can try at covers.com, it’s wagering on the outcome of an event where instead of the win or lose outcome it’s based on the accuracy of a wager.

The Buffalo Bills will take on the New York Jets but (+6, 44)
Rumour has it that the Bills game is slacking due to tremendous amounts of pressure, doubt and failure to be present (mentally) at games. So the NFL odds are looking to be in the Jets favor for this game. There’s been talk about them potentially seeking for a new coach to replace the beloved Ryan Rex, although that isn’t the case. It could very well possibly be all of the gossip drama that’s throwing the Bulls game off or maybe it just comes down to the pressure that’s pushed onto the players. By the looks of things, the Jets have nothing to worry about, and they’re expected to achieve greatness during this game but not by a landslide. If the Buffalo Bulls can pull their heads together and get back into the right mind state maybe, they’ll surprise all those doubting their ability to bring what it takes to the table to win the game.