Bernardo Chua Has Set The World Of Direct Sales On Fire

Bernardo “Bernie” Chua is a multi-level marketing expert. Early in his career, Chua discovered there were many benefits to direct sales. He found it is one of the quickest ways to start and grow a business and take it globally, if desired. As a result of his foresight, Chua has become one of the most successful businessmen in the Pacific Rim.

Mr. Chua began his career as an executive for Gano Excel, located in the Philippines and then saw its expansion into Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Chua relocated to the United States and took on the role of President of Gano Excel U.S.A. The company marketed products with ganoderma and the product line included instant coffee and capsules among other products. Learn more about Bernard Chua:

Bernardo Chua created a company in 2008 called Organo Gold and operated under the names of Coffee Connoisseur and Organo Gold. His intention was to market products containing ganoderma. The substance is from the lingzhi mushroom is found growing on logs around the world.

Its use has been used for centuries in China and other Asian countries and Bernado Chua was one of the first people to successfully market the product with teas and coffees outside of the Asian region. In just five short years of establishing his company Organo Gold was recognized as one of the largest direct selling company worldwide.

In order to successfully market and sell his products, Bernardo Chua spent a great deal of time educating consumers about the benefits the herb can provide. Chua discovered early on education builds trust with distributors and companies. Trust goes a long way when consumers are deciding which product to purchase, as most people will choose the product they trust.

Chua distributes his products through individual distributors and currently has more than one million distributors worldwide. He and his team continue on focus on ways to stay at the forefront of the market and ahead of the competition. This strategy has allowed Chua’s company to grow.

Because of his success, Bernardo Chua has been recognized with several awards including the National Consumers Quality Award in 2014, the Dangal ng Banyan Award for Business and Industry.