Laidlaw & Company versus Relmada Therapeutics


A recent case about Relmada Therapeutic is a very interesting one for the world of investment banking as well as the entire financial industry as well. The fact of the matter is there are some claims that have been brought about against Laidlaw & Company, but the real question is one of precedent and of actual responsibility. While Laidlaw & Company first needs to be proven to have been in the wrong, the next part of the equation is that it needs to be proven that Laidlaw should actually be responsible for the full damages.

The allegations are actually quite simple. Liadlaw & Company is allegedly liable for not upholding their fiduciary responsibility. If this is true then there should be and will be consequences. However, the question then comes into play how much they should be responsible and this question is based upon intent. When you consider the past of both James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, there is absolutely some gray area. That being said, can you really punish someone or an entire organization with countless stakeholders hanging in the balance just because you have a few executives who may or may not have a questionable past?

The biggest thing about all of this case is that when you actually start to think about the ramifications, this could become precedent as time goes forward. On the one hand Relmada Therapeutics does have stock holders who will be able to be compensated if Laidlaw & Company is found guilty of negatively effecting the valuation of Relmada Therapeutics. And on the other hand, even if Laidlaw & Company is potentially responsible for failing to uphold their duty but if that failure was not the sole cause of the decrease in valuation of Relmada Therapeutic, then why should Laidlaw & Company be on the hook?


Laidlaw and Company Has Made My Retirement Easier


 I know that my employer meant well, but their retirement plan was not going to work for the long term. There was no way that they would be able to help me make sure that I could have enough to retire, and I went to James Ahern at Laidlaw and Company to get the help that I needed.

I came to Laidlaw and Company with a simple question about how much money they thought I could make with the balance that I already had. The balance I had was big enough that they thought I could do something with it, but I was not sure how I was going to make more of it. My new broker (Matthew Eitner) at Laidlaw and Company made sure that I had a chance to make a lot of money from my investments, and he showed me how much more I could make because of my plans to retire in a different part of the world.

My broker took my goals for retirement from me, and he came up with a plan that made more sense for me. He helped me pull out some cash to go into a move, and then he set up accounts that would produce the monthly income I needed. I checked in with him often at Laidlaw and Company, and I always had confidence that I would have the money I needed. Investing in retirement has actually been really easy at Laidlaw and Company because I tell my broker what I need and he does the rest.

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