The Journey of Todd Lubar in Business Development and Management

Todd Lubar is a renowned business person that has invested in quite some business ventures. He started his career immediately he graduated from the University and had helped many companies and business to attain financial stability. Todd Lubar began his high school education in 1977 at Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He later joined Syracuse University in 1995 for his undergraduate degree and then graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. From here, he started getting direction and sought to pursue the investment field. He got his first employment opportunity at Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

After four years working for the company, Todd Lubar had acquired the necessary skills that propelled him to greener pastures. He joined Legacy Financial group in 1999 when he was at the peak of his career because of the previous experience he had received. At the company, he helped in the creation of over $ 100 million in loan volume. The company realized a record break and increased its networking that led to opening other branches in the country. Todd Lubar received much accreditation at the company because of the professionalism and hard work towards fostering growth in profit outcome. His tremendous success earned more job opportunities from other recognized investment companies. In 2005, he moved and got a better job as a Senior Vice President with Charter Funding. The managerial position that was given to him due to the previous record he held from other companies. However, in 2007, he moved back to his original career in the mortgage industry. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar has a lot of interest in real estate development in Baltimore, Maryland. The housing crisis in this region went high because of high prices with increased demand. As such, he took the window to develop residential houses to mitigate the shortage that was being witnessed. The regulation about real estate development was also changed and gave consumers a friendlier environment for housing development. His key to success was forming a healthy relationship with financial planners and insurance agents who always gave him the necessary skills and legal advice in investment. Todd Lubar also opened a Charter Funding that acted as a Financial Corporation subsidiary. Through this firm, he was able to acquire funding for investment and as well as help other people to access funding for business development. He has also developed an interest in the philanthropic world by helping the less fortunate in the society. For more details visit