Taralucci e Vino Providing Dining Pleasures

There are two distinct types of private dining experiences. There is an intimate dinner for a couple sometimes two couples but never more than three couples. It is an experience that is a complex collection of conversation, atmosphere, service, and finally food. But each element is important in the impact of this dining experience. If the service is rushed or in some cases too slow and plodding when conversations also are slow and plodding, it can be a problem. The service must not interfere with the conversation. The classic film, which almost totally took place inside a restaurant in New York, My Dinner with Andre is the case in point where timing is everything, and service is competent but understated. Food and drink can also be subjects for the conversation, especially if said conversation is lagging. But the physical atmosphere inside the restaurant must be right. Many prefer the dimly lighted and cozy atmosphere perhaps representative of aboriginal campfires where we were fed, warmed and hypnotized by the flames and felt that elusive sensation of being safe by in the presence of others.
The second general type of dining experience is the party or group dining experience. Here intimacy is replaced by access. The room instead of being small and cozy needs to be vast and accommodating to those in attendance whether sitting and standing.
In New York City two restaurants nicely meet the requirements of the first catagory.
There is the Acme on 9 Great Jones St,, in Noho. Here intimacy is the key, and the brick walls add a sense of texture and permanence. Danish chef Mads Refslund is in charge of the culinary arts, and fans of asparagus on toast hollandaise will not be disappointed. There is a downstairs candle-lit area for larger groups, which continues the intimate atmosphere providing for intense conversation and discussions about life. This is a perfect location for families or any close-knit business meetings or parties.
The second choice is the Four Seasons Restaurant in Midtown located in the Seagram Building an architectural icon expressing the design impetus of Mies van der Rohe and Phillip Johnson. This iconic restaurant must be experienced by both visitors and residents, if only once.
Taralucci e Vino provides this type of dining experiences for personal parties and corporate affairs. They proudly offer local produce from the Union Square Market and their extensive wine selection including small, family owned and operated vineyards in Italy perfectly reflect their commitment to the dining experience, and the wines complement and fulfill the dining experience. The Italian Restaurant of Taralucci e Vino will coordinate and provide the diverse elements necessary for that dining experience no matter the size of the intended party or group. Their experience will not disappoint you or your guests.
To truly live a life, you must have a gusto and a drive in everything you do. The experience of fine dining is one element of life which must be fully enjoyed by everyone.