The Unique And Innovative EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balm hit the market a little over 7 years ago and have only grown in popularity ever since. EOS which stands for the company’s full name Evolution Of Smooth offers a large range of colorful and flavorful lip balms. Although lip balms have been around for hundreds of years the EOS lip balms are a unique and innovative lip care product.

The EOS co-founder and managing partner Sanjiv Mehra was looking for a way to get into the beauty industry. In collaboration with his two partners they stumbled upon the idea of changing the lip balm industry. Up until the release of EOS most lip balm companies offered the same products in the same type of packaging and flavors. There was not much diversity. Mehra and his partners set out to create a product that was both distinguishable as well as high-quality. They decided on an egg shape product that would offer very colorful packaging and tasty delicious flavors. Fast Company‘s article, The Untold Story of How Lip Blam Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, gives every detail of the company’s journey to success.

When it first hit the market EOS lip balms were extremely popular for a variety of reasons. Not only was it their bright fun packaging and flavors but it was also the high-quality smooth ingredients that each lip balm offered. Celebrities and famous people all over the world were seen using EOS lip balms and suddenly it was the top lip care brand on the market. Today over seven years later it is still one of the top lip balm products on the market offering more flavors and styles than ever before.

EOS lip balms come in a large array of flavors including mint, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry, vanilla and a variety of other fun and flavorful scents. EOS lip balm products are widely available online on, and are also available in many different retail locations including most drug stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.