Wessex Institute of Technology Offers Unique Career Opportunitiies.

Located in the charming New Forest National Park in Ashurst Lodge, Southampton, Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is home to some of the brightest and dedicated minds in the fields of Computational Mechanics, Environmental Modelling and Fluid Mechanics, Industrial Research, and Information Communications Technology. The primary aim of WIT is to bridge the exchange of information and ideas between science/ technology and academic research fields through a series of knowledge exchange mechanisms. The institution has long held that this exchange is vital for growth not only of the students and the professionals involved but also for the society at large.  Visit also wessex.ac.uk.


With the age of sophisticated computer technology and incredible research breakthroughs in all fields of knowledge firmly underway, there is quite a lot of competition and interest in securing a career in all technical and scientific industries. Wessex Instutute of Technology equips its students with the fruits of academic excellence and many of its post graduates have gone on to become some of the foremost experts in their professions. Moreover, WIT offers other ways that interested students or graduates can find the career that they are looking for. One of these opportunities can be found at any of the numerous conferences where experts from all over the world can network with aspiring students and researchers to share ideas and possibly gain a valuable resource for the future. In addition, Wessex  regularly posts current positions at the institution on its job board as well as positions in related fields with some of the premier companies around the world.