New Technology Streamlines Patient Care At Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) announced a unique partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts recently that will greatly increase patient’s knowledge of their cancer treatment and take the guesswork out of which clinical pathway to chose for the most effective treatment. Eviti is a program that NantHealth has been using that blends in seamlessly with Allscripts programming. In non computer speak, eviti works with the doctors existing clinical paperwork, providing clear clinical pathway options, customized for each individual patient.

Eviti takes into account many things related to the patient including: previous health history, current medical conditions, history of previous cancer care, and current health status. After completing the patient’s profile using eviti, the program will recommend several clinical pathways to treat the patient’s cancer. This program has been found to be helpful in cutting down on treatment time and offering quicker recovery time to the patient. Eviti has been programmed with the input of hundreds of Oncologists and is constantly updated with cutting edge treatment options and the latest in cancer research.

CTCA is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with a total of five locations across the nation that specialize in the treatment of adult cancer. CTCA has a unique approach in the treatment of cancer, they treat the individual’s whole body including the patient’s mental health. CTCA believes that the patient benefits from whole body treatment, increasing healing time, decreasing the effects of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation. CTCA offers standard after care for patients who are in remission. To read more about CTCA and their latest programs in cancer treatment, please click here.

Meet The Young, Talented And Ambitious Sawyer Howitt

Just like football, basketball and every other sport, discipline, hard work and team work is highly recommended. For many years, soccer and basketball has overshadowed other sports like racquetball, golf and others. However, this trend is slowly being eradicated by young and passionate players emerging. Sawyer Howitt, a young teenager from Oregon is set to reinvent racquetball and make it a mainstream sport.

Quite recently, Sawyer was in an interview with the blogwebpedia, speaking of his journey, passion and love for his sport. From his articulation, it is clear that Sawyer Howitt is one promising racquetball player. From the way he answers questions one can clearly tell that the young man is looking forward to making it big in his career. He expresses that determination and discipline are some of the things that have led him to where he is and what he intends to achieve in his career.

Currently, Sawyer Howitt plays for Racquetball Club in Portland. He has had great experience as a racquetball player from his high school years in Lincoln High. Together with his team at Lincoln High School Racquetball team he was able to play nationals, where his potential was noted and highly appreciated by many. His antics have been recognized with some people suggesting that he should play for the national team in the upcoming events.

Despite being a great racquetball player, the 17 year old has also shown a keen interest in business. Howitt works alongside his father, who owns the Meriwether Group a well distinguished company. Sawyer’s skills in customer relations and always being up to speed with the current affairs has scored him an opportunity at his father’s company as the project manager.

Sawyer Howitt is highly skilled in establishing operational needs of a company and also analysing a company’s financial needs. As young as being a senior student in his second semester, he shows great potential in both racquetball and also in the corporate world. He is determined to coin a name for himself by exposing himself to as many opportunities as he can. He believes in hard work, discipline and a strong determination to succeed.

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Yanni Hufnagel- A Rising Star in the Coaching World

Today’s collee basketball coach has to be good in several areas in order to succeed. Outside of winning games, coaches are expected to recruit the best players and keep the program away from any scandal. Even some of the best coaches struggle to maintain these high expectations. Yanni Hufnagel has shown a unique ability to recruit the best players and develop them. He is responsible for a number of players who have played at a high level both in high school and college. Hufnagel’s future in coaching appears very bright.


Scarsdale, New York is the place where Hufnagel spent most of his youth. After high school he quickly became interested in coaching. Still in school at Oklahoma University, Hufnagel began working with the programs basketball team. Even with such little experience, it was obvious he was quite talented. One of college basketball’s best players at that time, Blake Griffin, worked with Hufnagel. Hufnagel is given lots of credit for the growth of Griffin’s game. It was just the first sign of his talent.


Harvard University was Hufnagel’s next stop. During his tenure there, the school made the NCAA tournament both in 2012 and 2013. Hufnagel worked with future NBA player Jeremy Lin and is credit with much of his development. He also paired up with Wesley Saunders and is given credit for his development while at Harvard. Things were really beginning to take off for the young coach. Other coaches and college basketball analysts were beginning to take notice.


In the years to come Yanni Hufnagel would work at a number of other schools including California University and his current school Nevada. Throughout this time he had the opportunity to help in the recruiting of players like Matthew Fisher-Davis, Wade Baldwin IV and Jaylen Brown. Currently Hufnagel works as an assistant with Nevada University. It’s hard to imagine not becoming a head coach in the near future. He clearly has a talent for recruiting and relating to players.


Goettl Recommends Guidelines To Staying Efficient This Summer

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry pioneer and leader Goettl Air Conditioning conveys six ways to save money on air conditioning this summer.


Rather than replacing old units with new ones, Goettl recommends focusing on issues that may be apparent but frequently are overlooked.


For instance, adjust the thermostat as high as possible. According to Energy Star each degree above 78 Fahrenheit saves roughly 3 percent of cooling expenses.


Goettl encourages outdoor meals on the barbeque grill rather than indoors where ovens increase indoor heat. The company also recommends people remain outside, take a walk or listen to music.


While dirty air filters can boost the expense of cooling costs by holding the flow of air back as well as diminishing the effectiveness of air conditioners, Goettl advocates switching out air filters often to prevent elements from entering the system.


Another way to save money would be allowing access to the house through open windows while turning the air conditioner off can be the source of bringing fresh air inside. And securing the blinds as well as closing the drapes can control and reduce the sun’s heating outcome.


Goettl also advises inspecting for leaks outside doors and windows. If any leaks are found, the company recommends putting caulk around the leaks to avoid any cool air from getting away.


Goettl Air Conditioning, which was launched by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939, operates in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California.


The industry leader, which has offered high quality HVAC equipment as well as an array of maintenance, repair and replacement services for more than 75 years, works with commercial projects, custom homes and new builds and remodels.


The company, which was named “Best HVAC Company for 2017″ by the Arizona Foothills Magazine, offers same day services and financing options.


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Ranking with SEO

Many Internet marketers make a lot of mistakes that can cause them to either be set back or make them not make any money at all. Among the mistakes that they make is in keywords. People often make their sites and blogs and yet they don’t know how to use their keywords. After all, one of the things that they need is to find out what keywords to name their site with. After that, it is important for them to provide content that is relevant to the keywords that are used for the site.


Keywords are very difficult to rank with these days due to the competition and the adjustments made to the algorithms of search engines. The most important thing is to provide good content that is relevant to the keywords that are being searched. What would help is to think about what one would look for when he types a certain keyword. Then provide that keyword to the user. Fortunately, there are some companies that are willing to help with the use and placements of keywords. One such company that is very experienced in this respect is White Shark Media. They have and will continue to help clients provide optimized content to their website.

White Shark Media has not only worked on providing SEO to the sites of their clients, they have also looked at algorithms. They provide content that would not only provide the sites with great rankings at present, for the future as well. They understand the mindset of search engines when they are ranking keywords. They look at the user. It is so that the user will find the type of information it will look for. They use totally white hat tactics as opposed to black hat tactics that will only earn the site money for a short amount of time.


The most important step for keyword usage before getting started is to do keyword research. Believe it or not, some keywords are a lot harder to rank for due to the fact that many people are already trying to rank with these keywords. The goal for using these keywords is to rank high enough so that the site appears on the first page. Statistics reveal that the majority of Internet searches do not go past the first page of search results for any keywords. This is why it is important for one to have a website that is ranking on the search results for some of the most highly searched keywords.

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The Impact of Clay Siegall’s Research on Cancer

Clay Siegall is an experienced biotechnology expert who has focused on conducting research on cancer. He is the current head of Seattle Genetics, which is an organization that he founded about two decades ago. The firm has developed into a top medical drug research hub, and it is served by several scientists who have been striving to develop new medicines. It offers state-of-the-art facilities that favor research.


Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the medical research field for several years. He has a lot of knowledge about cancer research and therapeutic drugs. Clay’s career has been motivated by his determination to develop cures for the dangerous disease that people spend a lot of money to heal. His academic excellence has greatly supported his career excellence. Clay completed his undergraduate education from the Maryland Zoology University, and he holds a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of George Washington. After finishing his studies, he was offered an opportunity to serve National Cancer Institute, which is a government-owned organization. He was later hired as a senior researcher at the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.


Clay worked with various researchers to establish Seattle Genetics in 1998. The firm’s accomplishments in the medical industry are notable. Siegall currently acts as a board director at the company and also leads its research projects. Seattle Genetics has developed various scientific innovations that have been beneficial to drug development and healing cancer patients. One of its top accomplishments is the founding of advanced technology that is known as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). The ADCs assist in curing cancer patients by destroying the dangerous cells. Siegall also led the firm in the development of the first brentuximab vedotin product.


The ADC technology that was founded by Seattle Genetics has been utilized in the manufacture of over 21 drugs across the globe. The company has collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to assist in the distribution of its products internationally. Cancer cures that have been created by other researcher are highly destructive to the human body, unlike the ADCs. Apart from his career at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has been appointed by the American Biomedical Association, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance to act as a member of their boards.


How Does Adam Milstein Encourage Entrepreneurs To Be Successful?

For young business-minded people looking to go into a field they haven’t spent time in before, it can be helpful sometimes to hear from experienced people who have worked their way up. One such person is Adam Milstein who cofounded Hager Pacific Properties some time ago and has tackled various challenges that come with real estate investing. Ideamensch is a blog that’s had some exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, and just recently they asked Milstein about his work and how others can learn from it.


Adam Milstein said the idea for this company came while he was in graduate school trying to get into a business that would be highly rewarding. Most of the options available at the time didn’t have what he wanted, so he decided to try being a commercial real estate broker. One of the challenges Milstein loves about being a Managing Partner at his company is not knowing completely what to expect in the residential or commercial markets. He’s said being a real estate investor means accumulating assets to bring more structure to the way business is done. He says entrepreneurs should not limit themselves to any one goal but do the best when facing a challenge, and he recommends using Constant Contact to follow up on business leads.


Adam Milstein has been Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties along with David Hager and Robert Neal for about 30 years. Prior to receiving his master’s degree at the University of Southern California and his bachelor’s at the Technion in Israel, he was enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces. He grew up in Haifa and fought in the Yom Kippur War prior to completing his formal education and marrying Gila Elgrably. He also has worked with his father Hillel on major construction projects in the building framing trade.


Adam and Gila Milstein have 3 daughters and their family is heavily involved in philanthropy through their family foundation. They are helping Jewish American families learn Hebrew and other customs through Sifriyat Pijama B’America publications. Adam Milstein also is a member of pro-Israel forums including Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowshis, Jerusalem U, StandWithUs, Students Supporting Israel and Hillel International.

Securus Technologies Is a Great Form of Communication For Inmates and Visitors

Securus Technologies isn’t your ordinary type of communications platform. It’s one that’s enabling both inmates and their visitors, whether they are their friends, relatives, significant others, co-workers, or colleagues, to communicate with one another in as convenient of a manner as possible, which is through video conferencing in which the visitor(s) do not even have to leave their home. The visitor can simply utilize Securus Technologies to communicate with the inmate who is in confinement from their home at a scheduled appointment time that is most convenient for them.


Securus Technologies has been recognized as being quite a useful tool for solving crimes and law enforcement officials are capable of utilizing any of the conversations that occur within its lines of communications for investigative proceedings in court. Due to their capabilities of utilizing Securus Technologies for conducting investigations as necessary, inmates and their visitors are encouraged to avoid speaking about and engaging in activities that are considered to be illegal.


The customer care services of Securus Technologies are able to assist with any issues that you may be having or any questions that you may have. It is highly recommended for you to ask them questions, as they are trained to provide you with the guidance and assistance that you may be needing to begin your visitation sessions. By contacting a customer service representative of Securus Technologies, you can ask them about what facilities their lines of communications are available in. Every correctional facility is not using this form of communication just yet. Contacting the customer service representatives should provide you with the assistance that you need to begin your visitation session. The communication system offers a communication line that is absolutely safe and secure. The only parties that may have access to the conversations that take place are the inmates themselves, visitors, law enforcement agencies, and courts should investigations need to be conducted.


Getting up close and personal with beauty Vlogger, Wengie

Wengie, born on January 9th, 1986 in Guangzhou China is a hair and beauty vlogger who has been around for a while. She started out with a blog on the same topics, but with the rising popularity of YouTube Vlogs, she followed suit and started posting video content. One of the greatest things that you will notice about Wengie the moment that you start interacting with her or the content that she posts online is the utter creativity and the carefree spirit that she applies when she is dealing with the different topics.

Wengie is a strong believer in the fact that life needs to be lived to the fullest. To make this happen, she invests a lot of time and other resources on personal research about different hair and beauty products and tips which ultimately help her followers to improve themselves. Her Vlogs on YouTube have been gaining a lot of popularity of late. She however confesses that things weren’t always as rosy, she says that there was a time that she lived on instant noodles for months, wore $2 dresses and gone through the tightest of financial situations.

One thing that she is grateful about is the fact that she found out what her passion was early enough and did not have to spend endless amounts of time chasing after jobs that she had no passion for. Currently, she owns a Vlog that attracts close to 190,000 viewers every month and is earning quite well from it. Besides Vlogging, she is also very passionate about thrift shopping and looking for interesting designs, trendy hairstyles and other related catches in the world of fashion. She states that her biggest dream would be to stay young forever and that her hope is that she will gather an even larger following to get more people to share her experiences with.


James Dondero Talks About Investment Strategy

Recently, James Dondero talked about his approach to investing and running his firm. When he spoke at an interview, James revealed that he experiences success by making debt deals. This entails acquiring securities that are backed by credit and debt. With these securities, Dondero and his firm have been able to make high profits. Another key part of his strategy is to look for securities that are on the verge of turning around. This will allow him and his firm to acquire assets that are priced low but will increase in value and become profitable in the near future. Lastly, James stays on top of the latest trends in the finance industry. This allows him to know what deals are available and which ones will be the most profitable for his firm and his clients.


James Dondero is the president and co founder of the investment firm Highland Capital Management. In 1990, Dondero started this firm with Mark Okada and made it into a life insurance company. During the first few years of the firm’s existence, James was able to establish it as one of the best at providing quality life insurance policies for consumers. While the firm was quite successful as a life insurance company, Dondero wanted to expand the firm in terms of its product line. As a result, he introduced more services such as wealth management, asset management, financial advisory and collateralized loan obligations. By the end of the 1990’s, James built Highland Capital Management into one of the very best financial services firms in the world.


Before starting up the firm Highland Capital Management, James attended the University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. He would complete degrees in both fields and then graduate with high honors. After finishing college, Dondero began his finance career. His first job was one where he worked as a trainee credit analyst. This position gave him the initial work experience that would help him to achieve future success. Over the course of his career, James would move up the ranks and eventually become a chief investment officer. At this position he managed the assets of major corporations such as American Express. When he is not working, James spends his time donating to various charitable causes.