Meet The Young, Talented And Ambitious Sawyer Howitt

Just like football, basketball and every other sport, discipline, hard work and team work is highly recommended. For many years, soccer and basketball has overshadowed other sports like racquetball, golf and others. However, this trend is slowly being eradicated by young and passionate players emerging. Sawyer Howitt, a young teenager from Oregon is set to reinvent racquetball and make it a mainstream sport.

Quite recently, Sawyer was in an interview with the blogwebpedia, speaking of his journey, passion and love for his sport. From his articulation, it is clear that Sawyer Howitt is one promising racquetball player. From the way he answers questions one can clearly tell that the young man is looking forward to making it big in his career. He expresses that determination and discipline are some of the things that have led him to where he is and what he intends to achieve in his career.

Currently, Sawyer Howitt plays for Racquetball Club in Portland. He has had great experience as a racquetball player from his high school years in Lincoln High. Together with his team at Lincoln High School Racquetball team he was able to play nationals, where his potential was noted and highly appreciated by many. His antics have been recognized with some people suggesting that he should play for the national team in the upcoming events.

Despite being a great racquetball player, the 17 year old has also shown a keen interest in business. Howitt works alongside his father, who owns the Meriwether Group a well distinguished company. Sawyer’s skills in customer relations and always being up to speed with the current affairs has scored him an opportunity at his father’s company as the project manager.

Sawyer Howitt is highly skilled in establishing operational needs of a company and also analysing a company’s financial needs. As young as being a senior student in his second semester, he shows great potential in both racquetball and also in the corporate world. He is determined to coin a name for himself by exposing himself to as many opportunities as he can. He believes in hard work, discipline and a strong determination to succeed.

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